About us


Hi everyone! We are Richard and Nora, the two owners of Rinora Rosso Perla Kennel.

We live in a small Slovakian village surrounded by our beloved dogs. A few years ago, thanks to one of our friends, we had the chance to attend a breed show as spectators, which completely fascinated us. This lead us to the conclusion that we would like to deal with registered dogs an take part in breed shows as dog breeders this time.

When I was a child, we owned a German medium spitz, which had a special place in my heart. At that time I failed to realize how many breeds had existed. As soon as we managed to come to terms with the wide variety of breeds, we bought our first orange miniature spitz named Uwe after a long search. Needless to say, it had become an integral part of our family. We grew so fond of it that we had decided to expand the business. No we own more puppies of this kind. We established the kennel and since then we have been developing all the time. Our dogs are doing well at shows and our aim is to provide the owners with well-bred and quality puppies.

Here I would like to say thank you to my husband, who has been of great help in every aspect. And also special thanks to our fellow breeders from whom we have received a great deal of advice and help. I firmly believe that the unique value of a dog is not determined not only by its results at the shows, but the quality of puppies as well. I realize that it requires a lot of patience, endurance, agility and luck over many years. I wish it wholeheartedly to my fellow breeders who come a long way!